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Flash Desktop Spirit 1.2

Flash Desktop Spirit can spice up our desktop with a clock, screensaver, etc.
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Flash Desktop Spirit provides a complete set of utilities to spice up our desktop, including a clock, timer, screensavers, reminder, etc. It is possible to change the clock interface to any of the 29 different skins available. Although most of the clock designs despite round analogical clocks with different color combination and frame width, we can also find some nice and original designs, such as the cuckoo clock, and those with a woman’s portrait, flower paint, etc. All the clocks display the date (month/day/year), except for the cuckoo clock. The flash screensavers are quite creative. We can find animated screensavers displaying fireworks, rain, snow, flying stars, the moon, as so on. We can access the options menu by clicking the clock once. We can set the program to perform several task for us: open the specified screensaver, open the screensavers at random, shut down/restart our computer at a given time, play the alarm, pop up reminder, etc. We can set the alarm to play our own audio files. We can even create our personal flash screensaver; introduce a password to protect our screensaver selection, and much more. The free evaluation version is fully functional for a whole week.

Review summary


  • It provides some nice clock designs
  • It can spice up our, otherwise monotonous, desktop
  • Uninstall option
  • Very easy to manage for everyone


  • The fireworks are a little bit thin
  • No help guide
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